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NorthernNoise interview with Kit

What originally attracted you to the role of Jon Snow?

I think it was two and half years ago that I got the pilot through and it’s weird now thinking about reading it because I know what happens in the story and I know Jon’s story, but when I originally read it it was quite a bizarre script and it took some getting your head around but initially the character was all there and I was just attracted to it from the word go. It was just one of those scripts where you go ‘I can do this and I want to do this’ and you get excited by it and it was a HBO script which I was also pretty excited about.


Series one hints that Jon is destined for big things. Does this add pressure on your portrayal of him?

I think it’s more exciting than anything else. Again, when I read that first pilot, even having not read the books you could see he has that mystery about him. There’s the question of his mother, he was singled out from his family as the bastard child and he finds this white wolf as appose to all these other wolves. So there’s that thing about him that sets him apart slightly and of course as the series goes on he goes off and has his own story arc and it does feel like there’s bigger things to come from him and I think there is. He has a great story but as far as the pressure goes I just like it. I like that there’s a lot riding on him but there is pressure in that there are fans out there who know who he is and have big ideas about what he is and what he should be so it’s about trying to live up to those expectations and also maintain a mystery about him and an excitement about him but not get too far ahead of yourself so you’ve got an arc to carry on with. So not a whole load of pressure, I just enjoy it.

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