Posted on Dec 03, 2013 by JoeyDC under Gallery, Pompeii

USA TODAY has released two brand new production stills of “Pompeii” featuring Kit Harington alongside his co-stars Emily Browning and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Enjoy the new additions!

6 Responses to “New “Pompeii” film stills featuring Kit Harington”
  1. Caliope Says:

    Awesome pics! I can’t wait! AVE KIT! Thank you so much (New explosive Pompeii trailer SOON!)

  2. JoeyDC Says:

    You are very welcome, Caliope.

    And thank you for the heads up regarding the new “Pompeii” trailer, I have to keep an eye on their Twitter account then.

  3. Caliope Says:

    My pleasure!All the best!

  4. JoeyDC Says:

    I just posted the new “Pompeii” trailer. It looks absolutely fantastic.

  5. Caliope Says:

    I agree, no words…

  6. JoeyDC Says:

    And this time there will be a LOT of Kit. I watched “Silent Hill” because of him but he was barely in the film. So it was very difficult to sit through it because I didn’t like the film at all.

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