5 Comments on “On Set, July 4”

  1. Hard to get used to seeing him without his trademark beard. Hardly looks like him. He looks about 18 yrs old. But still a cutie and handsome.

  2. I can’t wait for this movie, Xavier Dolan is an amazing director and Kit is awesome (His performance in Dr.Faustus was a tour de force!)

    1. I wish I’d been able to get London and see Kit in the play and try to meet him.

    1. “The film takes place in the early 2000’s and centers on the tribulations of an American TV star in his late twenties (Harington) and his correspondence with Rupert Turner, a young actor-to-be living with his mother in England. Their lives take dramatic turns when the existence of their pen pal relationship is publicly exposed, eliciting the most ill-founded assumptions, and sending Donovan in a vertical downfall. A decade later, the young actor recollects his relationship with his past idol over the course of an interview”

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