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Happy 30th Birthday Kit!

Today our favourite glorious ray of sunshine is celebrating his 30th birthday. I hope he has a wonderful day and gets lots of attention this year. Monitored comments are turned off for today so you can post your birthday wish below

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  1. Happy birthday kit!!! You are a great actor. I can’t wait for season 7! And your other movies to come out!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kit! He is such an wonderful person, so kind, so sweet with those puppy brown eyes and that beautiful smile that melts our hearts. Kit is such a gifted actor, I just want him to have all the sucess in the world. I wish him all the best things in the world, that he has a life filed with love and hapiness. Hope he has great birthday with the ones he loves.

  3. Happy 30th Birthday! I hope you are able to enjoy a wonderful day full of fun and laughter with family and friends.
    You are a very good actor, and I look forward to seeing your next adventures.
    Oh, and Merry Christmas and may your 2017 be a happy, healthy & prosperous one.

  4. Happy 30th birthday Kit! Wishing you all the best on this special day. Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your friends and family! Thank you for being such a wonderful person and a great actor. May this year be your best yet! Lots of love from the Philippines.

  5. Happy 30th Birthday Mr Kit Harington! ♥
    I wish you a wonderful life both personally and professionally, much health, happiness and lots of success! May all of your dreams come true and always remain the ray of sunshine that brings so much joy into our hearts and homes with all your lovely appearances and amazing projects!
    You’ve been blessed with talent, charisma, beauty and modesty and we are all blessed to be contemporary with you!
    Thank you for making our lives beautiful!
    Adriana/Bucharest, Romania

  6. Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy it very much in the company of your loved ones. I will also celebrate your birthday with two of your films. May the year be full of health, love and happiness.

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you always be happy every day and always you laugh every day! You are a awesome actor! I hope you love what you doing 😉 I’m yours very big fan. Sorry for my bad english 🙁 Lots of love from Poland 💖❤😍

    Remember, if you want you can invite me when you want …. 🙂 😉

  9. Happy Birthday to the one and only Kit Harington from Spain! Feliz cumpleaños, Kit! Amazing actor, amazing soul!!! Enjoy your day!! All the best!

  10. Hola Kit. Es un gran gusto desearte ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! Bienvenido sean tus 30 años de vida. Te deseo mucha salud, prosperidad y todo lo mejor que pueda sucederte.

  11. Happy birthday kit!! To a wonderful man hope you enjoy your special day. Birthday wishes from me and my little man hunter (the baby bump you patted outside dr.faustus 😊)

  12. Happy birthday kit I hope you have a great day I wish I could meet you in person to say it to you, your the best actor ever💖

  13. Happy 30th Birthday, Kit! Wishing you continued success in your career, plentiful projects and so much happiness in life. It’s always a pleasure to catch you in your latest movie, tv, stage and interview. Hopefully you’ll consider New York as a venue- we, of all ages, love our theatre and will gladly support you. We are blessed to experience your talents. Stay humble, stay beautiful. Lots of love from New York. ❤️

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  14. Happy Birthday Kit! Welcome to the 30’s! Hope you have a wonderful day and an even better year! From one Capricorn to another, you are amazing!💗🎉

  15. Just wishing you a very special…

    Happy Birthday
    Maligayang Kaarawan
    Feliz Cumpleaños
    お誕生日おめでとう ございます
    Lá Breithe Shona Duit
    Fortuna Dies Natalis
    Joyeux Anniversaire
    Buon Compleanno
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
    ريخب تنأ وماع لك
    יום הולדת שמח
    Wszystkiego Najlepszego
    С днем рождения

  16. Happy birthday, Kit! Not sure if you’re going to see this or not but welcome to 30. At 30, you’re more wiser, cooler and are starting to process through this crazy world that we live on.
    Well hope this birthday is everything you want and more.

  17. Hi Kit Harington

    All the best to You on Your special day. Have a great celebration!

    I am the biggest fan of you and i love watch the season Game of Thrones.

    I can’t wait to see the new 7. Season from Game of Thrones ❤️

    best wishes


  18. KIT!
    Let me wish you … everything! and even more
    The most important thing is that “everything” should be love, success, happiness

  19. Happy belated birthday sir
    Fell in love with you from first episode of game of thrones.May you live for a thousand year.The last thing I wish of is seeing u once in my life.On your birthday I would like to wish you luck for your career ahead.I wanna watch you as Jon Snow forever.
    ..Lots of love from sakshi(India)

  20. Hi Kit,
    Belated happy birthday, wish you good health & more blessings to come. God bless you.
    I’m a huge fan of yours from the Philippines. I love you to the moon & back. I love watching your movies, TV series, news. I know how kind & humble you are, so God bless.

  21. We share the same birth date (just 11 y apart) HB to you – Many happy returns and thanks for being on our screens x

  22. Happy Belated Birthday Kit!!
    Sorry that Christmas kinda messes with your big day, however, I’m sure your mother may have told you, that you are one of her best Christmas gifts ever (besides your brother of course, lol). Turning 30 affects each one of us differently, and I pray that this year, you will learn more about yourself, who it is you want to be, and where you want to go in this journey we call life. Though I do not personally know you, I believe you have many talents and gifts that most of the world doesn’t know about, but are just as important. For in a world full of many diamonds (some rougher than others), YOU are unique.

    May 2017 be filled with many blessings, just a few challenges for growth, good friends/family to keep you humble, and solid foundations for you to continue build on.

    LadyPhoenix2016 (Tennessee)

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