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Possible Emmy Awards Appearance?

Lena Headey has made a new post at her official Facebook page and she has revealed that she’ll be attending the Emmy Awards this year with several of her Game of Thrones cast members. Hopefully this means Kit will be attending too!

I am off to the Emmys !!! Most of the cast is going so should be a hoot and of course our lovely Pete Dinklage is nominated … Found a wonderful dress .. Grace kelly meets tim burton .. I can’t do shiny and booby and glossy .. Am VERY excited to frock up

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Game of Thrones Production expands to Croatia, Iceland

Westeros is getting bigger.

HBO’s Game of Thrones is expanding its production for season 2. You’ll recall the first season was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Malta. The second season will continue to be based in Belfast, but the cast and crew are also going to Croatia and Iceland.

Croatia will serve for some of the Southern scenes, including most of the parts where Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is trying to raise an army. Iceland will be used for scenes “beyond the wall” as Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and his Nights Watch brethren explore the North. Needless to say, a TV show shooting on location in three countries is extremely rare — especially with CGI backgrounds becoming increasingly popular.

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Screencaptures Update

Stef and I have finally begun making screencaptures of the videos posted over the last few weeks and the first screencaptures are now online. I’ve added captures of the TV Guide photoshoot and 5 interviews at this year’s Comic-Con. We are still missing a few videos but captures of those will follow as soon as possible.

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TV Guide Comic-Con Photoshoot

TV Guide has released a video with short clips of their photoshoots at Comic-Con. The Game of Thrones bit begins at 1:20.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Teases Season 2

Being the esteemed professional that I am, it is my job as a journalist to separate any personal leanings or fangirl pandering from my writings. Most of the time. Not so much when my subject is George R.R. Martin’s brilliant “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series and HBO’s wonderful adaptation “Game of Thrones.”

That said, it is with great pleasure that I present one of the major highlights from my Comic-Con experience this year: an interview with one of my absolute favorite and most photogenic cast members Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow), wherein he discusses season two plot points, which cast member he’d like to see more of and what the future holds for Lord Snow.

“Of what I know and what I’m allowed to say, it’s a tricky one because I don’t want to spoil it,” Harington said when asked what he can tell us about Jon’s arc in season two. “Obviously he has his own story beyond the Wall, some very interesting things happen to him,” he teased, charmingly. “He has a better time of it I think in the second season than he did in the first.”

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Reebok Zig Tech & Wallpaper* Host Private View

Yesterday Kit attended a private view hosted by Reebok Zig Tech & Wallpaper* magazine in London. His Game of Thrones co-stars Finn Jones, Gethin Anthony and Alfie Allen were in attendance as well. I have added two pictures to the gallery with hopefully more to come.

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Movie Mazzupial Short Interview

Another short interview with Kit by Movie Mazzupial has been posted on her site. Read it below!

I did promise more Game Of Thrones stuff, especially after the general awesomeness of my interview with Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from the show. I was postponing Harington’s comments on Season 2 until after Comic Con in case there were any updates, but it doesn’t get much better than this. Anyway, here’s what he had to say on what GOT fans can expect come Season 2:

“The characters you invest and know will carry on, but they don’t get it much easier from here on. War’s coming, winter’s coming. You will invest in them just as much as you did in the first season, but it’s not going to be easy for you or them.”

I also asked him who he thought would win in a fight between Jon and Rob. His answer went something like this:


MM: That was a pretty quick response, you sound very decided on that?
“They’re brothers, but Jon would definitely win.”


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On The Red Carpet Interview at Comic-Con

On The Red Carpet had the chance to interview Kit in the press room after the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con and they’ve posted the video online.

Screencaptures of all the recently posted videos will follow in the next few days!

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Entertainment Weekly Party Additons & New Photoshoot

I have found three more pictures of Kit at Entertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Comic-Con Celebration. I’ve also found a new photoshoot of Kit at the Comic-Con Nerd Machine photobooth with thanks to my friend Maria for pointing me in the direction of more pictures from the shoot.