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Augustman, October 2016

Scans from Kits latest front cover for Augustman Singapore have been added to the gallery. I have typed up the interview for you to read and the rest can be found using the link below. Editorial images will be added once they are released. Enjoy!

Through tax incentives and great filming facilities, Vancouver and Toronto have long been the third and fourth most popular locations for filming in North America, after Los Angeles and New York, but this year Montreal joined the pack, with a considerable number of projects under way in Quebec’s largest city. That’s where we headed to meet Kit Harington, otherwise known as “Jon Snow” on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Filming the upcoming movie The Death and Life of John F Donovan, the 29-year-old British actor was on a extremely tight, 16-hours-a-day shooting schedule, under the direction of Xavier Dolan. I t was a miracle to be able to squeeze out a half-day with him.
A clever compromise between New York and Paris, Old Town Montreal in the summer is a lovely place to walk around, as many tourists visit the cobblestone-paved streets in this neighbourhood overlooking the Saint-Laurent river. Without a doubt, it was a glorious location for the Augustman crew to settle in, in the newly opened Epik boutique hotel. With wooden beams and a giant vintage wheel hanging from the roof, the top floor had an obvious Game of Thrones feel, making Harington feel right at home.

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InStyle Men Germany Digital Scans

Kit is featured on another front cover this time on the A/W16 edition of InStyle Men Germany and scans from the edition are in the gallery. As you all know tomorrow is when the 68th Emmys take place in Los Angeles, make sure to keep up to date with all of the latest pictures by following the site on Twitter @kitharingtoncom as that is where you will see them first. I wish Kit the very best of luck and no matter what the outcome I’m pleased that in some form his work has been recognised


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W Magazine: The 2016 Royals

So lovely to see Kit on yet another front cover this year and the gorgeous front cover is now available to view in the gallery by clicking on the picture below. Should an interview be released within the edition they will be added at a later date

But as with film, in television the strongest returns lie with the big and the small, not the swollen middle. There is the enormous, costly cultural force that is HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” starring Kit Harington as the noble Jon Snow. It is perhaps the last universally-loved, universally-watched show in America, and it is shouldered valiantly by Harington, who was just an unknown stage actor in London before becoming a sex symbol when the fantasy series exploded.

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Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Cover

In the words of Chandler Bing I am so excited I may vomit. I always stood by my motto #wherethereishairthereishope. He lied to us, made us think we were going senile and almost sent some of us into fangirl emotional therapy. Some of us were even ready to sue HBO for emotional distress but here we are 319 days later with an altogether different feel about the show. I can’t wait to see the full interview and photoshoot of this exclusive Game of Thrones article. I would say I hope he’s going say what he’s going to do to make it up to us but I think he’s already done that…

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Plugged, September 2015

As soon as this is available for me to download the scans from this interview will be added along with the translation. I’m hoping to also find the shoot accompanying the article as soon as possible

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Magazine Additions

The digital scans from the latest 3 interviews Kit has done have been added to the gallery including his latest cover for The Observer. Enjoy reading through them!


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Magazine Scan Gallery Update

Hey guys I’m Helen and I will be helping Stef out for as long as she wants me to try and catch up with all of the updates. My first update is all of the magazine scans Kit has appeared in this year. I will be posting the rest of the updates in the next few days.

Big thankyou to Claudia, Kelly and Lorna for some of these scans

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