Earlier today Kit visited Graham Norton at BBC Radio Two in London alongside Dr Faustus co-star Jenna Russell. The interview can be found below for those who missed or couldn’t listen to it

Massive apologies for the delay in being able to get hold of these. I’ve other scans ready to be uploaded as well but my time online right now is limited so will upload them as soon as possible. Until then enjoy and the translation will follow soon

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The article accompanying the interview can be found here. Kit has also sat down with Paris Match and their full interview for the French promotion of MI-5 Infiltration (aka Spooks: The Greater Good) should be available shortly


I have only been able to find one short snippet online from Kits latest interview but I will keep looking to hopefully bring you more from it

Earlier Kit was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. Later on tonight he will be a guest on the Late Late Show with James Corden which my lovely friend Brianne is taping for me. I will try my best to upload the whole thing somewhere

I have added the digital scans of Kits Out Magazine spread. His edition is out now for those of you who want to buy it

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Kit Harington is best known for playing the broody bastard Jon Snow on HBO’s hit drama fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” But rather than play moody action heroes for the rest of his career, Harington has decided to branch out sooner, rather than later, taking on the role of Roland Leighton in James Kent’s feature film directorial debut, “Testament of Youth.”

The film is based on Vera Brittain’s memoir of the same name, which chronicles her time as a nurse during World War I, in which her brother and her fiancé Roland fought. Roland is a romantic and a poet; a man of more words than the stoic Jon Snow. Indiewire chatted with Harington a few days after one of his most action-packed episode of “Game of Thrones” had just aired to inquire about his desire to say a bit more.

Warning: major spoilers below!

I have just read this interview so please be aware that if you have not seen the film and don’t want any spoilers to not read any further

Kit Harington is a big romantic and calm down about his hair, guys

Kit Harington, it appears, likes to get dirty. The actor, who is cemented in our popular consciousness as Jon Snow, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and the bastard son of Ned Stark, has a hard time staying out of the mud—literally. In Testament of Youth, out Friday, Harington plays Roland Leighton, the love interest of early feminist/pacifist Vera Brittain. And for the role the actor got to drag his clean-shaven, short-haired (gasp!) character through the trenches of war, poised in the position fans so often equate with his Game Of Thrones part.

However, unlike Snow, Leighton was a real person who fought in a real war—not just a war of the seven realms. That was was World War I, which was responsible for creating the “lost generation,” a term coined by Ernest Hemingway to describe the young people who came of age during the first modern, global war. Leighton’s life took on greater significance because of his friendship and then subsequent engagement to Vera Brittain, whose own memoir captured the toll the war took on the educated youth of Britain—and why that generation was, in particular, lost. The film adaptation of her story focuses on her, her brother, and his friends (one of whom includes her lover Leighton), and their role in the war. It’s an expansive, achingly beautiful portrait of a devastated England. The film, to be honest, is a sad watch—as anyone who is familiar with Brittain’s writing knows how it all ends. But there is joy found in the chemistry and affection between Alicia Vikander’s Vera and Kit’s Roland, which is worth the watch alone.

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