Yesterday Kit visited Good Morning America to promote the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. High quality pictures from the appearance and him signing things for fans whilst there have been added to the gallery

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On Thrones, Snow grew emotionally and as a leader last season, hardening as he endured the death of his love, Ygritte, while fending off a Wildling assault in the epic battle at Castle Black. Snow’s heroism, along with the timely arrival of Iron Throne hopeful Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) and his army, saved Westeros’ seven kingdoms from a disastrous invasion. As far as handling the spotlight Thrones shines on its cast, Harington, 28, says, “If you think about it too much, you stop being you.”

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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington doesn’t like being considered one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. The 28-year-old, who is well known for his portrayal of warrior Jon Snow in hit HBO series Game of Thrones, was named one of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive last year. But Kit doesn’t like being lauded for his looks.

“To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning,” he told “It really is and it’s in the same way as it is for women. When an actor is seen only for her physical beauty it can be quite offensive.”

Kit believes objectification against both men and women just feeds into stereotypes. He also considers the practice to be a huge distraction.

“Well, it’s not just men that can be inappropriate sexually; women can be as well. I’m in a successful TV show in a kind of leading man way and it can sometimes feel like your art is being put to one side for your sex appeal. And I don’t like that,” Kit explained.

“In this position you get asked a lot, ‘Do you like being a heartthrob? Do you like being a hunk?’ Well, my answer is, ‘That’s not what I got into it for.'”

Kit absolutely loves portraying Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. And he’s elated his character’s personality has rubbed off on him in key ways.

“Well, I have an inner warrior,” Kit smiled. “And I’m proud of my inner warrior. He fights for me every day. That’s one of the things I like about myself. I can be quite brave in situations and foolhardy at the same time. Like Jon, just like Jon.”

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If you thought Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” was tough on the bruised and brooding Jon Snow – friends dead, girlfriend dead, White Walkers imminent — things are about to get worse. And for a man still recovering from an attack that included, say it with me, giants on mammoths, that’s saying something. Kit Harington dropped by The Times studio having survived Monday’s San Francisco premiere, where he got to see fellow cast members, many of whom he has never shared a scene with

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For those who couldn’t watch the premiere due to the time difference, I found a video from it which has been uploaded online which features short red carpet interviews with the cast et al. Pictures from it will be uploaded shortly along with new photoshoot additions :]

I watched this last night after stumbling across it by accident and it is a wonderful Q&A session that Kit took part in some months back. There is a super cute moment at round about the 20 minute mark. Hope you guys all enjoy it!

Although Kits past shoot for British GQ has been used in this issue it’s still nice to see him on another front cover. Check out the digital scans in the gallery

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