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It is a long way from the frozen wasteland of The Wall in Westeros to the bustling streets of modern London but it seems that the actor is happy to be playing in the 21st Century.
Not least, he tells me, because he can actually move around freely, unencumbered by the smothering weight of leathers and furs that he routinely staggers around in as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. We are meeting at the press launch for his new film, Spooks: The Greater Good and the action-packed film sees him constantly in motion, even scaling the side of a building at one point. Harington plays dynamic young MI5 operative Will Crombie and admits that he relishes the physicality of the role.

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The gallery has been updated with new photos from the events Kit attended over the weekend, including the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night. You can also watch a new interview with Kit from the Entertainment Weekly & Women in Film Pre-Emmy Party below as well. Enjoy the new additions!