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Kit Harington, Ben Barnes & Jeff Bridges Discuss “Seventh Son”

What was the appeal of Seventh Son?
Kit Harington: “I wanted to do this film because I got to work exclusively with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, which is something I really wanted to do when I found out the casting. It was a really exciting, action-packed role. It was a lot of fun.”


What surprised you the most about working on this film?
Kit Harington: “I have worked in this genre before, but what was interesting about this project was working in a different category within this genre. People seem to forget there are different categories, sometimes. They group everything into fantasy or sci-fi, but within those genres there are other things. This was different from anything I had done. It was a wonderful mixture between dark and light. It has the elements of the children’s novel in it, and it also has the elements of what horrible acts can be done by humans. I thought that was a really interesting mix to play with.”


If you could take home any one object from the world of this movie, what would it be?
Kit Harington: “I’ve got it! I stole it from the set. It’s this beautiful little necklace that I wore. Our wonderful costume designer styled it after something she had. It was a little pouch with a little Bible in there that was from China or something. It was all very compact. She made a few of them to be worn, and I ran off with it at the end of the movie.”

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Thanks again to Nicole for all the new photos. Look for some new Comic-Con photoshoots to be added tomorrow.

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Kit talks with indieWire

“It was my first TV or film gig,” he told us in a recent interview, noting he was a longtime fan of HBO‘s original programming. “I don’t think any of us were prepared for this, we thought it would be a ‘Star Trek’ type of thing. But it sort of branched out. You meet people who you never thought would be ‘Thrones’ fans. And that’s just good storytelling.”


“I genuinely believe anything Jeff Bridges puts his name to has got to be good,” says Harington. “He’s just fantastic in it. He does something very surreal and unique and original with the part he is playing. It’s one of those things where, is it crazy or is it brilliance? And I think it’s brilliance.” He also got firsthand experience watching a moment that will excite film buffs. “I did my scenes with Jeff and Julianne Moore,” Harington boasts. “It was the first time they reunited since ‘The Big Lebowski.’ So I was witnessing a moment in history!”

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“The Sevent Son” Concept Art Revealed

Legendary Pictures has revealed concept art from the upcoming supernatural thriller Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. It’s not ominous, however, it does give us an idea of the film’s scope.

Sergei Bodrov is directing and Warner Bros. will release the film on February 13, 2013. Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander, Antje Traue, Olivia Williams and Kit Harington also star.

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