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(Interview) Melty

The article accompanying the interview can be found here. Kit has also sat down with Paris Match and their full interview for the French promotion of MI-5 Infiltration (aka Spooks: The Greater Good) should be available shortly
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Magazine Additions

The digital scans from the latest 3 interviews Kit has done have been added to the gallery including his latest cover for The Observer. Enjoy reading through them!


(Interview) The Observer
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(Interview) The Observer

The pictures from this interview from todays Guardian Observer will follow tomorrow once I find the magazine version of it and better quality pictures from the shoot itself. Until then enjoy the interview which can be read using the link below

Playing Jon Snow in Game of Thrones has made Kit Harington a star. But he isn’t all swords and brooding looks. He talks to Ed Cumming about Spooks, politics and his role as a dim-witted tennis player

Two weeks before I meet Kit Harington I am waiting to be let into the premiere of the fifth season of Game of Thrones and get talking to a middle-aged man. The programme is HBO and Sky Atlantic’s golden trumpet, so they have rented the Tower of London for the night and erected a 1,000-seat cinema in its moat. Dragons are projected on to the outer walls; flaming torches line the approach. The queue is long and intractable. The man next to me, it turns out, is David Harington, or “Jon Snow’s father”, as he introduces himself, but even this is not enough to help him skip to the front. We stand in the drizzle and chat about his son.

“The thing Kit always says is that he’d do the acting for free,” says Harington Sr. “It’s all this other stuff that he gets paid for – the fame, the attention, the loss of privacy.” As if on cue, from somewhere beyond the wall comes a barrage of teenage shrieks. Kit has arrived on the red carpet. His voice booms incomprehensibly from a speaker. More screams, distant camera flashes. David sighs, but pride beams out of him. “He’s so busy that sometimes the easiest way to find out what’s happening to him is to search online. Google Analytics thinks I’m a 17-year-old girl from South America.”

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(Interview) Daily Express

It is a long way from the frozen wasteland of The Wall in Westeros to the bustling streets of modern London but it seems that the actor is happy to be playing in the 21st Century.
Not least, he tells me, because he can actually move around freely, unencumbered by the smothering weight of leathers and furs that he routinely staggers around in as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. We are meeting at the press launch for his new film, Spooks: The Greater Good and the action-packed film sees him constantly in motion, even scaling the side of a building at one point. Harington plays dynamic young MI5 operative Will Crombie and admits that he relishes the physicality of the role.

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(Interview) The Independent

The Game of Thrones actor shot all his own stunts in the big screen version of the hit TV series and soon learnt first-hand just how risky playing an MI5 agent can be. “There’s a part where my head gets smashed through a wall. That wasn’t meant to cave in so that was a close scrape,” he told The Independent. “It was a rough movie, but you get bumps and bruises in any type of action movie.”

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Empire Scans: Spooks The Greater Good

Big thankyou to my friend Annika for sending me the scans of Kit in next months addition of Empire magazine

Also if you are in the UK Kit will be appearing on our screens tomorrow on The Graham Norton Show to promote Spooks: The Greater Good. Be sure to tune in!


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Interview (Radio One)

Whatever you do don’t ask Jon Snow about his hair. If you want to stay on his good side of Kit Harington anyway..

He’s told the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw that the constant questions drive him “insane”. The Game of Thrones star talked to Grimmy about his upcoming role in the film version of Spooks, which is coming out in May. The 28-year-old described it as a “kind of British Bourne”. “It’s a good spy thriller… it’s more high octane and we had a bigger budget than the TV show,” said Kit.
“There’s a lot of stunts, a lot of explosions. It’s edge of your seat stuff. “I did all the stunts myself which was a bit hairy at times.” The actor said that it was intimidating to take on a Spooks film because the TV series was so popular, running for 10 years. “Whenever you’re entering a beloved franchise, that has a fan base, when people are already dedicated to it, it is kind of daunting.”

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