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Sean Bean on working with Kit again in “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”

What was it like working with Kit Harington again?
Oh, it was a great – it was different! It wasn’t long since I’d finished with him on Game Of Thrones, I think it was the next thing we did, so it was quiet weird, you know, playing a more contemporary piece when we’d just been playing with swords! But once we got over that initial shock we were OK! He’s a good guy, a good kid.

Do you wind up feeling quite paternal about the actors who are playing your children, whether in Silent Hill or Game Of Thrones?
Yeah, you do, because I’m tending to play these people more, I suppose! The older you get, the more you start playing fathers – it’ll be grandfathers next! But yeah, you do, because they’re young anyway, you know? Adelaide [Clemens]‘s young, Kit’s young, and it kinda changes a little but – your perception and feelings, your responsibilities. Even though it’s drama, it’s make believe, I’ve got my own kids and I know what it feels like. You grow up, you get older and bring different things to it, I suppose.

Source: SciFiNow