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Inside Game of Thrones

I hope everyone managed to watch the Inside Game of Thrones featurette last night but don't worry if you did not! HBO has uploaded it to YouTube and their website and you can view it below. Screencaptures will follow...
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“Inside Game of Thrones” Preview

HBO has uploaded a preview for the "Inside Game of Thrones" feature on Dec 5th and the 35 seconds preview features some new behind the scenes stuff with Kit, including a short interview bit! Hopefully this is a promise...
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New Artisans Video

HBO has uploaded a new The Artisans video, this time one with Tommy Dunne and there's a bit of behind the scenes footage showing Kit and a few of the other actors sword fighting.
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Game of Thrones Belfast Moot

This year was the second Game of Thonres moot in Belfast with fans of the books (and upcoming show!) and cast & crew members of the series. Kit attended the moot and a few pictures taken by Rimshot and...