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Game of Thrones Reviews

Game of Thrones reviews have been circling on the web over the last few days. Maureen Ryan has written an excellent review (unfortunately more negative than positive) on the first six episodes of the show’s first season. She mentions the stellar acting and Kit was mentioned along a few other younger actors as stand-outs.

The actors playing young characters are also excellent; Williams, Isaac Hempstead-Wright as her brother Bran and Kit Harington as Jon Snow, Stark’s bastard son, are particularly impressive.

Snow, like his father, is a man of few words and much heart; Harington effortlessly makes you understand how this young man’s ambiguous status as the not-quite-noble offspring of a nobleman has had a profound effect on his life.

You are able to read the full review here.

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Entertainment Weekly Scans + Behind the Scenes Captures

Thanks to Kelly we now have scans of the Game of Thrones feature from the Entertainment Weekly April 8th issue.

Additionally I’ve added captures of two Game of Thrones featurettes; Set, Costumes & Make-Up and Stunts & Fighting.

Captures of the last few trailers, the new making of and Kit’s two video interviews will follow soon!

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The Edge Interview

Kit was interviewed by several media outlets about Game of Thrones today. One interview with the Edge was live streamed online but for those of you who missed it, don’t fret! the Edge have uploaded the interview to their website.

Listen to the 11-minute interview here. Enjoy!

MovieCentral and Artistrhi have uploaded pictures from the press day to Twitter and I have added them to our gallery.

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First Official Silent Hill: Revelation Production Still

The first official production still for Silent Hill: Revelation featuring Kit has been released online. It was apparently taken on March 24th and it shows Kit Harington and Adelaide Clemens.

Carrie-Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell have joined the cast for the movie. They will play Claudia Wolf and Leonard Wolf. For more information on the casting check out

Furthermore I’ve added three new Game of Thrones production stills to the gallery. Kit is only featured in the background in the second picture but I have decided to add it for the sake of completion.

DorkShelf is going to interview Kit in Toronto today, so make sure to send in your last minute questions at!

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New Quote from EW

EW has released 10 new pictures along with new quotes and they have posted one from Kit.

Jon Snow (Kit Harington, right)
Bastard son of Sir Eddard Stark
”He’s kind of a young hero type, but he’s torn between two things, which is that he’s an illegitimate child and he’s hugely ambitious because of that. So he’s got this inner turmoil going on. He’s a good guy, but he’s got nasty sides to him. He’s got that Stark quality of doing things right no matter what. He’s angsty and troubled. He’s constantly got an inner monologue going on of ‘Why why why why me?”’ —Harington


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New Game of Thrones video and still

HBO has released a new video featuring the costumes of Game of Thrones which contains some new footage from the show and behind the scenes shots as well. Quite a few beautiful new stills have also been released, including one of Kit which has been added to the gallery. Thanks to Winter Is Coming for the new photo. Enjoy the new additions and look for HD screencaps from the costumes feature to be added within the next few days.

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Silent Hill On Set Pictures

Someone has been awesome and managed to snap a ton of on set pictures from filming Silent Hill: Revelation. You can view all the pictures here. Thanks to him we have our first picture of Kit on set of the movie!

Picture © Steve Robert Delahunty