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The Artisans – Buster Reeves

A few days ago a new The Artisans has been uploaded in which fight coordinator Buster Reeves talks about his work on Game of Thrones. The clip contains a bit of new behind the scenes coverage, including some featuring Kit.

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Official Game of Thrones Premiere Date

HBO has finally announced the official premiere date for Game of Thrones. The show will premiere on HBO on April 17th. We will be able to watch the first episode of the show in 100 days!

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Inside Game of Thrones

I hope everyone managed to watch the Inside Game of Thrones featurette last night but don’t worry if you did not! HBO has uploaded it to YouTube and their website and you can view it below.
Screencaptures will follow later today.

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Gallery Update

Over the last few days I have added a few new pictures to the gallery, including captures of the Artisans clip with Tommy Dunne, scans of the EW Game of Thrones feature (thanks to Sarika and Ali), an old new promotional picture of Posh and now captures of the new “Inside Game of Thrones” preview. Enjoy!

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Game of Thrones Making Of

Fantastic news! HBO is going to air a 15 minute making of of Game of Thrones on December 5th. We will probably see some of the Artisans clips included and the previously aired behind the scenes feature but this promises some more from the set!

Need more Game of Thrones in your life? Tune in to HBO December 5th at 8:45 pm to see the ‘Inside of Game of Thrones special’!! Also make sure to pick up the new Entertainment Weekly on newsstands now for a ‘first look’ and exclusive photographs

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New Artisans Video

HBO has uploaded a new The Artisans video, this time one with Tommy Dunne and there’s a bit of behind the scenes footage showing Kit and a few of the other actors sword fighting.