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New Game of Thrones Production Stills

Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive preview of Game of Thrones including 10 new production stills and new quotes from the cast members. If you want to avoid spoilers at all costs I would suggest not clicking the link above.

Two of the new production stills feature Kit and these have been added to the gallery now.

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Game of Thrones Belfast Moot

This year was the second Game of Thonres moot in Belfast with fans of the books (and upcoming show!) and cast & crew members of the series. Kit attended the moot and a few pictures taken by Rimshot and Martin have been put online with hopefully more to come!

You can read reports of attendees either on Winter Is Coming or Westeros.

Pictures: One, Two, Three, and more!

Below is a video of the raffle. Unfortunately it’s a bit dark but Kit is in it, so make sure to watch it. (;

I’m currently without my laptop so I can’t upload the pictures to the gallery yet but will do so on Monday! Apologies for the little layout screw-up too. I had to update the theme so changes were overwritten but the layout will be fully back on Monday.

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Gallery Update (Theatre Productions)

There isn’t much to update with right now since Kit is filming Game of Thrones so I have decided to add a few more pictures to the gallery. You can find a screencap of the War Horse DVD menu in the gallery now plus three more performance stills from the production. I still have to screencap a few extras from the War Horse DVD but they will be coming!

As a very rare treat I have 13 performance stills of Kit in the drama school production Pillars of the Community!

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Game of Thrones Preview and Behind the Scenes Look

HBO has uploaded a new preview for Game of Thrones called “Raven” as well as a short behind the scenes look to the show. Additionally they have created a new website completely dedicated to the making of Game of Thrones where they’re going to post updates on the production of GoT! You can view the website here. This is exciting!

And finally pictures of our first look at our Jon Snow!

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Posh and War Horse Gallery Update

I’ve been on the hunt for more pictures of Posh and War Horse and I actually found quite a few! I have added ten new stills of Posh, two new stills of War Horse and screencaptures from two video diaries of War Horse. These two were unfortunately not on the Making of War Horse DVD so quality is not the best but still acceptable. (;

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New Old Interview

Thanks to stumbling upon a name misspelling, I found a new (old) interview with Kit by Sean James Cameron (it seems the site it was previously available at is not online anymore).

The interview revealed some interesting new facts. Kit mentioned that his mother is a playwright and that she took him and his brother to the theatre when they were young. He also mentions that he wanted to be a cameraman and a journalist. And he talked a bit about Game of Thrones!

Have you ever wanted to be on television?
My next project is a TV programme. It’s a new HBO series. They do shows like Band of Brothers and The Sopranos. The show I’m in is a mythical fantasy based on the [Games of Thrones] books by G. R.R. Martin. In this one I have a pet wolf! I’ve never done TV before so it’s a whole new area for me. We’re filming in Ireland but will be released in America first, then it comes over to the UK.

I’ve always seen myself as a theatre actor but if I get to do TV and film it’s a bonus.

To read the full interview visit here.

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Welcome to, your source for British TV and theatre actor Kit Harington who will play Jon Snow in the highly anticipated HBO series Game of Thrones.

The site is pretty much complete so far but hopefully there will be much more to add in the forthcoming weeks and months with the excitement of Game of Thrones currently filming!

I’m still waiting for my Making of War Horse DVD to arrive but once it has, captures will be added to the gallery. If you want to buy the DVD yourself you can do so either here or here.