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New Old Interview

Thanks to stumbling upon a name misspelling, I found a new (old) interview with Kit by Sean James Cameron (it seems the site it was previously available at is not online anymore).

The interview revealed some interesting new facts. Kit mentioned that his mother is a playwright and that she took him and his brother to the theatre when they were young. He also mentions that he wanted to be a cameraman and a journalist. And he talked a bit about Game of Thrones!

Have you ever wanted to be on television?
My next project is a TV programme. It’s a new HBO series. They do shows like Band of Brothers and The Sopranos. The show I’m in is a mythical fantasy based on the [Games of Thrones] books by G. R.R. Martin. In this one I have a pet wolf! I’ve never done TV before so it’s a whole new area for me. We’re filming in Ireland but will be released in America first, then it comes over to the UK.

I’ve always seen myself as a theatre actor but if I get to do TV and film it’s a bonus.

To read the full interview visit here.