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Interview (Radio One)

Whatever you do don’t ask Jon Snow about his hair. If you want to stay on his good side of Kit Harington anyway..

He’s told the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw that the constant questions drive him “insane”. The Game of Thrones star talked to Grimmy about his upcoming role in the film version of Spooks, which is coming out in May. The 28-year-old described it as a “kind of British Bourne”. “It’s a good spy thriller… it’s more high octane and we had a bigger budget than the TV show,” said Kit.
“There’s a lot of stunts, a lot of explosions. It’s edge of your seat stuff. “I did all the stunts myself which was a bit hairy at times.” The actor said that it was intimidating to take on a Spooks film because the TV series was so popular, running for 10 years. “Whenever you’re entering a beloved franchise, that has a fan base, when people are already dedicated to it, it is kind of daunting.”

Kit compared it to Game of Thrones, saying it’s hard for people when the audience has certain expectations of their role.”Because it’s very well loved, we see new actors come in who have pressure on their shoulders to carry on the mantel… it’s tough.” A listener asked Kit which would be his favourite film to star in and he named an old classic. “I would like to be Jack Lemmon’s part in Some Like it Hot… dress up as a woman maybe.”

Another question was what his favourite scene was to film, without giving away any spoilers. “I have loads of favourite scenes we filmed in season two, for one we were above a glacier in Iceland… scenically, it was amazing.” Kit said he “can’t complain” about all the attention he gets everywhere he goes. “I love the show, I love being in it, and it’s opened up gateways to be involved in other things. “As intense as it can get from fans, I love it… I’m a proper geek about it.”

On Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, he said: “Those girls are phenomenal… to be handed that exposure at that age, you either turn into a wreck and it ruins your life or you stay grounded… which is what they have done.”

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