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68th Primetime Emmy Awards

Yesterday Kit attended the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards along with several members of those involved in the Game of Thrones production. As we all know, Kit was nominated in the category for Outstanding Supporting Actor which he unfortunately didn’t win but a number of awards were still won, some of which were for Outstanding Writing for a Drama series and Outstanding Directing for a Drama series which went to Miguel Sapochnik for Battle of the Bastards. Over 200 high quality images from the event have now been added to the gallery and I hope everyone enjoys looking through them all

FYI for those who are interested, Kit wore a Givenchy Fall suit accompanied by a Master Ultra Thin 41 watch by Jaeger Le Couture


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  1. Lovely pictures, Helen! Thank you for adding them to the gallery! Well, I was a little disappointed that Kit didn’t get the award, but I am sure that he will eventually get many prizes in his career. However, I am glad that GOT received the award for The Battle of Bastards episode, which remains my favorite one of the series, episode where Kit not only that he was in the center of action, but he also proved an outstanding performance. Therefore, Kit is a winner in the eyes of his fans all over the world

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