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On Set, Game of Thrones S7

Several sets of images from the production of S7 have been added to the gallery and they do include potential spoilers so view them at your own discretion. Kit can be seen filming alongside Liam Cunningham (and other cast members who shall remain anonymous for those who wish to stay spoiler free) in several locations in Spain

For those of you who are active on social media please beware that there have been huge leaks which I am told contain details of specific episode content. Whether they are true or not is another matter but if you don’t wish to be spoiled just a warning to be careful on which links you access

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  1. Nice photos, Helen!! Yes, you are right about the leaks… too bad that paparazzi spy on them and publish the images. I am not interested in finding out the action of the new season, but I am glad to see Kit in such photos! His outfit is really nice and it fits him!

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