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Game of Thrones S7 On Set Additions

Due to filming currently taking place outside, the internet is dark and full of spoilers and I for one do not want to be one of the sites that unintentionally spoils those who wish to remain completely spoiler free. I have now watermarked the thumbnails of those on set images that contain spoilers so the albums are safe to view for everyone. An example of what they look like can be seen below thanks to my friend Kaci who took the time to design it for me. Should you wish to see the bigger image (that will be watermark free) it will be your choice whether to proceed and view. I hope I will be doing the best thing by all visitors of the site.

4 Comments on “Game of Thrones S7 On Set Additions”

  1. Yes, you are doing the best thing, Helen! It’s good that you’ve specified that on the site! Moreover, I do not think that we can guess the action of the TV series GoT by simply viewing a few shots. Perhaps there are sites giving more than that, and the ones who are interested are free to access them, I am not one of them. Thanks, Helen!

    1. Some people may not even want to know who Kits character comes into contact with. Seeing images does have the potential to ruin those who wish to remain completely ignorant as to which characters storylines cross paths this season. I’m aware some sites may well be doing that but I don’t wish to spoil visitors who may just be new to the series as well as those who have been here since the beginning

  2. Thank you very much for all pics, I no like spoiler, I prefer see in tv.
    This page is magnificent for have infirmattion on Kit Haringhton and no have spoiler. 🙂

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