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Kit in 2016

I have decided to start off something new here at KHO where you can find a review of everything Kit has done during the year. It wasn’t until I began to do this when it actually hit me just how busy he has been and how much the site has covered.
It has seen Kit return to the West End stage and more drama than you could shake a stick at in Game of Thrones (The review for this won’t be spoiler free with regards to the latest season so continue reading at your own discretion) He also begun filming Xavier Dolans The Death and Life of John F. Donovan with production on hiatus until next year with the film expected for release some time in 2018. If you wish to bypass the year in review click here (it is rather long) to be taken straight to the sites favourite moments but if you want to read the entire thing it continues below the cut


2016 started off with the news that Kit would be returning to the West End stage 6 years after his last role in Laura Wades ‘Posh’. He was to play the titular role of Dr Faustus in The Jamie Lloyd Company production adapted by Colin Teevan. It was originally slated for an 8 week run but due to popular demand it was extended for a further 3 weeks. It was met with some mixed reviews by some critics due to the script using both some of the original works and present day content (but I for one thought it was fabulous!)


This year has seen Kit featured on the front cover of no less than 12 magazine publications. The first came in the form of Entertainment Weekly where they published the Game of Thrones exclusive (#spoileralert) that Jon Snow was in fact alive along with an in-depth interview as to how he managed to keep his characters fate one of the most closely guarded TV secrets. Several more were published throughout the year but it wasn’t until September when the next front cover was released and this time it was for The Wrap who interviewed him whilst in Canada filming John F Donovan. That article featured an interview which gave us a small insight into the character and the film storyline which had previously not been publicised. Next was W Magazine who featured Kit as part of ‘The New Royals’ cover story for the October 2016 issue with InStyle Germany, Elle Men China, Augustman Malaysia, Augustman Singapore and L’Officiel Hommes also following shortly afterwards. Kit has also featured in several other articles within magazines such as The Sunday Times Culture and Evening Standard (along with also being named in Peoples Sexiest Man issue)


This year saw the release of several new photoshoots and the first was for The Sunday Times Culture to promote the release of Dr Faustus which was taken at the Duke of Yorks Theatre, London by Francesco Guidicini. More sessions followed throughout the year including Vogue Italia, another featurette for The Sunday Times and the previous aforementioned magazine publications all taken by wonderful photographers

Public Appearances

During the course of the year there is never a shortage of events to cover but 2016 has been slightly quieter this year due a rather packed schedule. Unfortunately no red carpet premieres or photocalls this year with the recent Game of Thrones storyline requiring no press commitments and conflicting filming schedules which meant he was unable to attend any screenings that did take place. Brimstone was chosen for several film festivals but as previously mentioned Kit was unable to attend due to filming in Canada. What little time he did have he filmed several television interviews and appeared on a number of radio stations to promote Dr Faustus such as Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, This Morning, The Andrew Marr Show and Radio One with Nick Grimshaw to name just a few.

Television and Movies

No film projects were released this year but Brimstone is due for release early next year in several locations such as The Netherlands, France and The United States respectively. As mentioned above Brimstone premiered at several film festivals which Kit was unable to attend. So far reviews have been mostly positive with most critics choosing it as one of there favourite to have been screened. After completing Dr Faustus Kit flew to Canada where production began on The Death and Life of John F Donovan for almost 3 months before moving location to New York for a few days. A year in review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Game of Thrones. Season 6 saw Jon Snow return from the dead, reclaim Winterfell, proclaimed King in the North and viewers also finally finding out his parentage. Production for Season 7 commenced in October which saw Kit filming in sunny locations for the first time in the shows history. He filmed in a number of locations in Spain such as Bermeo and Bakio and Zumaia Beach located in the Northern part of the country. Filming on his part recently moved back to Belfast where he has been spotted a number of times since wrapping in Spain

Other Work

When Kit wasn’t performing in Dr Faustus or filming The Death and Life of John F Donovan, he took part in a number of vastly different projects. The first and perhaps the most important one was when he was announced as an Ambassador for the charity Mencap which is an organisation that means a lot to him. More detail about that can be found below in KHO’s Favourites of 2016. He was also announced as Patron of Longlands Care Farm earlier in the year which supports those who struggle in mainstream education and require more support which is catered specifically to there individual needs. More about what they do can be found on there website. In June it was announced that he was to appear in the new Call of Duty game, Infinite Warfare where he would be playing Admiral Salen Kotch, the villain of the piece. ‘When the call came through for me to do this, personally it was a no brainer. It was something I’d definitely do again. It was a lot of fun‘.. Alongside that short commercial trailers were released of Kit fronting the campaign for the new Infiniti Q60 and raising awareness for the current refugee crisis alongside Cate Blanchett and Keira Knightley

Favourites of 2016

Here are some of our favourite moments from each individual section that has been covered throughout this year

Favourite Shoot; The Sunday Times
Whilst all photo sessions that have been done this year are beautifully shot in there own right, there was only ever going to be one that was chosen as the favourite. The reasons for this decision was that the The Sunday Times shoot was done with his cousin, for Mencap which made it all the more special because it was done to promote the charity and highlight the work that it does not only for Laurent but for thousands of others who struggle with a whole manner of things in day to day life

Favourite Look; 68th Primetime Emmys
Whatever Kit wears he always looks fabulous but this years Emmy awards outfit won out over the one he wore for The Olivier Awards. For this event he wore a Givenchy suit from there Fall collection accompanied by a Master Ultra Thin 41 watch by Jaeger Le Couture which remains one of my favourite red carpet looks for this year

Favourite written & TV Interview; The Sunday Times & The Jonathan Ross Show
Again there was only ever going to be one chosen for this. First time I read the interview it really touched me and found myself reading it quite often as it was only ever for one purpose. To highlight Mencap. Nothing else. No talking about movies, TV shows, advertising campaigns or anything to do with his line of work. It was done solely to promote Mencap’s work and give us a small insight into what it is like to live with a learning disability. It was such an insightful, in-depth interview and think it is the best one he has ever done in any form. If you have not read it yet, it can be found here
Our favourite TV interview was from April when Kit appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show. It was very fun and light hearted in which he talked about Dr Faustus, Game of Thrones and took part in a rather questionable Q&A with Jonathan

Favourite Quote from Kit;

I’m not a natural salesman. I’m not good at that. I’m kind of a bumbling English buffoon at times.
-Entertainment Weekly

Favourite Quote on Kit;

When you have an actor like Kit Harington, who’s as sensational and as visually arresting as him, that’s something you don’t get rid of too quickly
-Gwendoline Christine, Entertainment Weekly

Front Cover; The Wrap
This one was a little bit more difficult to choose from as there has been some truly gorgeous ones this year but in the end my love for black and white photos won out. I also chose this one because it was the first cover Kit did after his Emmy nomination was announced

Best Moment; Without a doubt (aside from meeting Kit which was a personal best) it has to be when it was announced that he had received his first Emmy nomination. I don’t think there is another that could beat this one

Huge thanks to my friend Lyndsey for allowing me to use her wonderful idea as a template for this. I am going to make it an annual thing so everyone can look back over what Kit has been up to throughout the year. A special thankyou to everyone who has donated things to the site to make it as complete as possible and to every single one of you for continuing to visit. Your support for the site and Kit is just immeasurable. I hope all of you have a wonderful 2017

– Helen

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  1. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful post about everything Kit has accomplished in 2016! I look forward to all your posts! I am a huge fan of Kit and all he does in his career! Looking forward to his movie and GoT in 2017 and whatever else it may bring! He certainly was very busy in 2016!! Happy New Year to you!🎉🎊

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Helen!!!
    What a huge surprise! I love the site new “look” and I am so grateful to you for writing down Kit’s accomplishments in 2016.
    It was a very productive year for Kit and I am sure that this is only the beginning of a long and successful career.
    I wish him the best one can get: health, happiness, dreams come true and much beauty in his life!
    He brings so much joy through his appearances and amazing roles that he deserves to get more in return!

    Thank you, Kit for a wonderful 2016 , the best is yet to come!!

  3. Dear Helen, this is awesome! All news about Kit in one place. I’m from Bosnia and here Kit has a lot of fans (mostly female :D) and we all are very exicited about his new movies and, of course, the next season Game of Thrones as mighty Jon Snow! I will continue to follow this site, it’s really great! Thank you and greetings from Bosnia!

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