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New Project: Gunpowder + Filming News

After reading several rumours surrounding Gunpowder it has been confirmed it will begin filming in Hull on Monday. It will be produced by Kudos Films and Television along with Kit and Dans company Thriker Films with the BBC acquiring the distributing rights. According to IMDb Kit will also be an executive producer on the project. No other details regarding filming locations or casting have been released.
Edit; Digital Spy and Radio Times are reporting that Mark Gatiss (Chief Robert Cecil), Liv Tyler (Anne Vaux) and Peter Mullan (Father Garnet) have signed on to the three-part series and they have also mentioned that Kit will be playing his ancestor Robert Catesby.

A BBC drama starring Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington will begin filming in Beverley on Monday. Gunpowder, a one-off film about Guy Fawkes and his infamous plot to blow up Parliament in 1605, will shoot scenes at the town’s Minster next week

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has been confirmed to star in a new drama series about the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605, telling the little-known story of the real brains behind the operation: Robert Catesby.
Harington had been rumoured to be working on an adaptation of the story a few months ago, with the actor having previously revealed that he was descended from Catesby and that he had an interest in bringing his ancestor’s story to the screen. While the 5th of November has long been known as Guy Fawkes Day and celebrated with bonfires, fireworks and effigies, the three-part drama will reveal how it wasn’t all about Guy Fawkes and his tunnels under Parliament. Instead, we meet Catesby, the 30-year-old Warwickshire gentleman who masterminded the failed assassination attempt on King James.

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