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Game of Thrones Season Seven Official Trailer

HBO has finally released the much anticipated trailer from the upcoming series for Game of Thrones. New character posters have also been released by Twitter users using the #GameofThrones hashtag and Kits has been added to the gallery, viewable using the below link. I hope you enjoy watching it because I for one am so excited!

4 Comments on “Game of Thrones Season Seven Official Trailer”

  1. We’re not gonna survive this ne tbh. I can’t even watch the trailer, I’m just here to state that very obvious fact.

    1. Mate I ran around having a proper full on fangirl meltdown. I’d like to take this opportunity to thankyou for your friendship because I will be deceased on July 16th at this rate

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!
    I am so thrilled, there’s a mixture of feelings I cannot describe, I think you know what I mean…
    It’s one of the best TV series I have ever seen!
    Can’t wait for this season!!!
    Thanks for the trailer!!

  3. Thrilling. Looks like the best season yet. Littlefinger does look and sound ominous. And the Light of the Seven music is just outstanding, really sets the tone. Can’t wait!

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