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7×05 Eastwatch Screen Captures

This seems to be becoming a weekly occurrence but next weeks episode has been accidentally leaked online by HBO Spain and I have been informed there are of course a lot of spoilers making the rounds. Please be careful (again) when choosing which websites to view which have the potential to spoil you, especially tumblr and the likes. I am aware I am slightly later than usual in posting these but better late than never. I thought this was an absolutely fantastic episode and is without doubt my favourite from the season so far. More episode stills from 7×05 (Eastwatch) and 7×06 (Beyond the Wall) have also been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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  1. I agree with you, totally! 🙂 Although it’ s usually hard to choose a favourite episode, because the series itself is my favourite, it happens to be mesmerized by one episode that stays with you forever.

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