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Directed by: J Blakeson
Written by: Ronan Bennett
Produced by: Ollie Madden, Steven Wright, Kit Harington, Daniel West, Laurie Borg
IMDB Rating: N/A
Original release: N/A
Genre: N/A
Running time: N/A
Other cast: Mark Gatiss, Liv Tyler, Peter Mullan
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British activist Guy Fawkes and a group of provincial English Catholics plan to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I in the early 17th century.

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Filming Locations
  • Beverley Minster, Hull (UK)
  • Oakwell Hall, Birstall, Leeds (UK)
  • York (UK)
  • Dalton Mills, Keighley (UK)
  • Haddon Hall, Derby (UK)
  • Bradford (UK)