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Name: Kit Harington Online
Opened: August 22nd 2010
By: Annika
Previous URLs: (merged)
Owner: Helen, since September 27th 2014
Previous Owners / Co- Webs: Annika, Stef & Joey
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Kit Harington Online was launched on August 22, 2010 by Annika shortly after it was announced he had been cast in Game of Thrones. When it was opened the site was the only online source for Kit. To this day it still remains the original fansite source. Shortly after its launch Stef came on board to help out with keeping the site up to do date due to Game of Thrones increasing popularity which led to her taking over in late 2011 after Annika stepped down due to offline commitments. In July 2013 Joey joined Stef when her offline life also became busy in order to keep the site updated as and when new material was released. I became a fan of Kit after the first season of Game of Thrones had aired (around 2011) so when Stef was falling behind I jumped at the chance to help out which then led to me taking over the site 3 years ago. Due to Kit not using social media I was aware the chance of him knowing of the site was pretty slim so when it was announced he was to head back to the West End stage and despite not owning it for long decided to tell him about it. Personally I couldn’t of wished or hoped for a better reaction. The link of the video has been attached (x). The site is currently celebrating 7 years online and is proudly hosted by

Special Thanks
Just a few thankyous to everyone who has designed for the site since its launch and has helped in some way to making it the best it can be. To Renee, the Kat to my Kit #KitKat5ever. To Ashley and Kaci for their help and constant enthusiasm. Gabby for listening to my months of ramblings about the never ending interviews for the press archive and suffering with me through the many, many translations. Jen aka Pater one of the newest friends in the fansite world who told me she aspired for her sites to be like this #sitegoals. I love you guys